How to convert your website into a Chrome-Extension?

Chrome Extension
  • Step-1: Create a manifest.json file in your root directory (where your index.html) is located and insert the following code. Here, the most interesting and important thing to note is “browser_actions”. The task of this object is to tell the browser that ‘Hey! This is a chrome-extension and can you please open index.html whenever we trigger it’.
  1. Clone/Download this repository
  2. Open chrome
  3. In the address bar, type ‘chrome://extensions’
  4. Enable ‘Developer Mode’ from the topmost-left corner (if not already enabled)
  5. Select ‘Load Unpacked’ option from the top
  6. Browse the location of the saved project
  7. You’re good to go now. You’ll be able to locate the extension in the extensions’ section
  8. Run your extension. Cheers!



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Shubham Gautam

Shubham Gautam

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